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Video Promos

Are you outside your comfort zone when it comes to creating videos to share your expertise? We take away your stress and create amazing content featuring you. 

Spread Your Wings Promo Video

Audio Chat

We start with a phone call asking questions about who you are and what you do, we expand and ask more about the people you help. We take this conversation and splice it into several small audio clips then add your images, logo, and stock photos to give depth and context to your story. These are great to share when following up with a potential client or on social media.

Share Your Wisdom Promo Video

Video Chat

We take an outline of what you'd like to share and create a video call conversation around that topic. We record and edit this conversation to be used as you wish. It could be shared in your newsletter, part of an online course, posted in your blog, a special program or any marketing.

 More Examples of our Promo Videos

Sandy Praska - Natural Touch Holistic Healing

Meditation does not need to be difficult. 

Suzanne Offner - Behind the Guru

Suzanne teaches how to test your marketing message with 4 steps so you can be effective sharing your message to the world. 

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