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Ongoing Support 

Are you frustrated spending too much time figuring out technology or don't even try because it's overwhelming? We give you peace of mind and provide ongoing support. 

Once your software is setup we support you. Receive hands on help to teach and train you on the best practices for using your technology tools. We are also available to custom design systems and processes for your business along with support to complete your tasks. 


Help Desk

Join Angie during scheduled office hours. She will teach one of the softwares and be available to answer questions in a video call.  In this group setting you can learn a lot from other peoples questions too.

Private Coaching

Angie is available for one on one coaching to custom design systems and processes for your business. This may be taking something you currently do with pen and paper and find the best solution for you or it maybe developing the steps to stay connected to your clients.

Tech Support

Let us answer your tech questions, setup software and complete the tasks you want to hand off.  If we are not able to help you we likely know someone who can and will introduce you to someone we trust. 

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