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How It Began 

Angie Huffman felt the calling to build a community and online directory called Be Well God Bless to help people who are living out God’s calling on their life. She didn’t know exactly how to do that, but she said yes to God and took one baby step at a time. 

During the startup phase of the business, God took Angie on a journey of faith, business, and technology to learn the lessons that she needed. She has felt the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows of an entrepreneur. 

As part of her journey Angie hired virtual assistants (VA) to help run her business.  This proved to be too expensive for her business just starting out after paying the monthly bills of several software subscriptions and a person that was necessary to manage all these softwares that were too complicated to easily learn.  Angie went on a mission to find simple and easy softwares that were effective and affordable.  She used many softwares for months as a time always looking for the best option for her business. 

About this time several new members joined the Be Well God Bless community. Their greatest pain point and struggles were in regards to technology.  This is such a natural and easy way that Angie helps people.  She realized with God's prompting to start Your Tech Angels and continue helping people who are living out God's calling. 

Our mission is to setup and teach simple ways to grow your business using technology.

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