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We help people who have turned their passion into a business and are overwhelmed.

Your Tech Angels help with all the foundational pieces you need to grow your business. 

Is this running through your head?

  • Your wheels are spinning and you don't even know where to begin. You have been praying for someone to help you. 
  • You want to focus on helping people, not learning systems, creating content, or the details of how to share your wisdom.
  • You want your business to look and feel professional and fear is paralyzing you from even starting. 

Let Us Serve You

Tech Discover Call focused on Branding, Communication, & Back Office. Receive a customized resource with recommendations and links with simple tools to grow your business. Angie can show you what to use or set it up for you.

Expert Assistance

Vision Discovery Call focused on how you share your wisdom and serve your clients. Receive a customized resource with people who can complete your projects. Angie can introduce you or facilitate the process.

Online Support

Get hand on help using your computer through a video call. We can walk you through the steps to accomplish your goals. And create a video and step by step guide so you can remember how to do it next time.

Is this what you are dreaming of?

  • You're sharing your passion with more people, you have more clients, and you're making more money.
  • You enjoy what you do each day and your to do list is only full of things you can manage on your own.
  • You know that you are using the gifts and experiences you've been given to impact this world.

Want to learn more?


Technology is something that does not come naturally to me AT ALL. Working with Angie has created peace in my life due to her calm confidence in any aspect of technology help that I’ve needed. There are so many programs out there and it is overwhelming to know who to trust and if the person will truly deliver. I trust Angie whole heartedly and she has proven her skills when it comes to setting up and teaching me how to use technology.

- Cheri Thomas


Do you need help with your business?

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